Austin Coleman Chief Editor

Austin Coleman

As an experienced gambler and professional writer, Austin thinks that your success in the baccarat game depends entirely on the strategy. His articles will help you in choosing the right gambling tactics, managing your bankroll and becoming an even more skilled baccarat player. After years of gambling, he figured out the most effective strategies and is ready to share them with other players.

Austin is a well-known expert in online gambling, and he has played a lot of games. To date, he understood that there is nothing more engaging and action-packed than live baccarat games with real dealers. That's why he regularly explores the best live games to provide our readers with unbiased reviews and useful guides. He has managed to develop a unique approach to writing reviews that allows him to take into account all important aspects of a new game. While creating each review, he carefully analyzes the gameplay, side bets, work of dealers and extra game features.