Enjoy Some Exclusivity with VIP Baccarat

Being playing Baccarat for some time at different online casinos, you must have been faced with a tempting VIP feature that you may have wanted to try. And if you are not, this article is a great motivator to expand your Baccarat experience with more fun and exclusivity features, that VIP Baccarat can bring you as an honorable player. We aim to describe to you the most interesting features, so let us begin with so-called the squeeze. This feature isn’t a novelty for the Baccarat, and firstly appeared in land-based casinos, and successfully caught on and soon became very popular in online casinos as well.

No matter what casino you visit, the essence is constant: squeeze feature is exclusively available to the player with the highest wage. When you put the highest bet in one of the rounds, you are able to choose what happens to the hidden card. The revealed cards will be shown unique to you, so the destiny of it depends only on you. If you want, the other players won’t find out what exact card the dealer has. Moreover, you can rule how much of the card will be shown.

Author: Austin Coleman

Published: 5 February 2024


How VIP Baccarat Is Organized at The Online Casino?

The VIP Baccarat doesn’t utterly change the rules of the standard version of baccarat, so you’ll get used to it very quickly. The deal runs as usual and shows on the screen, so the gaming process is subject to the same rules as the original one. You still have the possibility to follow the stats and results of the rounds, which can be helpful for you while playing. While playing, you can manage the configuration of the displayed game. You are free to change the appearance of the gaming window or the view.



Where to Play VIP Baccarat?

You don't have to be a high stakes player to play VIP Baccarat, but the game was designed for a particular group of players, and only big bets can help VIP Baccarat reach its full potential. To experience it yourself, you can get acquainted with independent reviews on many online casinos that provide VIP Baccarat live-dealer tables from providers in fashionable authentic studios, so you can be convinced of the fantastic gameplay that VIP version can bring.

Rules of VIP Baccarat

The VIP version of baccarat was first represented by Playtech, one of the famous game providers and developers. They featured a lot of casino entertainments, but the first who transferred the luxury of VIP Baccarat features on the screen. The VIP Baccarat was organized the way that players can feel themselves as they are at the top-notch land based casino with a highly professional dealer. It truly can present an immersive gaming process and breathtaking atmosphere that players can share with up to seven other players. The VIP Baccarat rules are not so different from the standard version, the game conducted with 8 standard 52-card decks. The side bets are also available, that can spice up the VIP baccarat game for sure. The main difference takes place when the squeeze is conducted. A player who bet the wage of the biggest bidder can decide how the squeeze will be performed.

VIP Baccarat Squeeze Process

VIP Baccarat is adhering to the classical casino Baccarat Rules and played as many players used to play. The placing bets is simple and standard: the chips can be betted on the Player, the Banker and the Draw, accordingly. After the bets, the dealing of the cards started – two cards for the player and the Dealer hands. When the chosen game includes the third card, it is dealt as well. After dealing all the cards, the squeeze option takes place, and it is ruled by the player who has placed the highest bet. It can be performed in four different ways, at will of the VIP player:

  • Full Squeeze – Player can see approximately a half of the card.
  • Half Squeeze – About one third of the face of the card is shown.
  • Rotate – The card is rolled over 90 degrees during the squeeze.
  • Toss – The card is revealed to all of the players.

While playing VIP Baccarat there can be a situation, when more than 1 player set the highest amount of money for the bet. In this case, the squeeze option is ruled by the player who set the biggest bet in the previous card deals.

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VIP Squeeze on the Screen – Representation

You can see the squeeze process is shown on your display in real-time, usually it has its own separate window, to help players concentrate on the game. You can control how the squeeze window is displayed. Initially you can find it on the right side of your display, but while switching the view modes it can be shown on the left. The result of the dealing of a set of cards is displayed as the game is conducted. If you are a player who bet the highest amount of money, that’s when you will be privileged to choose how the squeeze would be done. When you make your mind up the assistant will perform the squeeze according to the chosen methods.

1st Step 

After the bets have been put, the dealer will shift part of the blocks to the highest bidder's position. This denotes the participant who has won the right to squeeze.

2nd Step

The first three cards are dealt face down, with their values shown. The fourth card is kept face down and is dealt to the highest bidder. This participant must now choose one of the squeeze alternatives.

3rd Step

The squeeze is performed by one of the dealer's helpers. Because this ceremony is aired via a different channel, only the highest bidder gets access to it. The card is then shown to everyone, and the winners are paid out.

Any Classic Baccarat Resemblances?

Baccarat VIP has a lot in common game rules as the original Baccarat, this is still a card casino game where you will have to guess the results of the game, or should we say, you have to bet on who wins the round, the dealer or the player. Also, you can always bet on a draw. The bet on the player's win usually has a coefficient of 1:1, and on the croupier's win - 1:0.95. As for the draw, Although it does not happen often, the bet has the highest odds - 8:1. The online casino providers took care of the authentic casino amenities. If your bet won, you immediately receive your payout.

VIP Baccarat Gaming Tactics and Tips

If you already know any gaming strategies of the original Baccarat, you can practice and implement them in the VIP version as well. It should be mentioned that VIP Baccarat is a more methodical game with a slow and thoughtful process. The only thing that we can recommend is to pay attention to the dealt cards patterns. The strategies can be developed and applied only when players follow the dealing cards. Experienced players know how to use a certain pattern of cards, and can roughly predict the next deals. To get the squeeze option, you have to place the biggest bet among all the players, but other than that the rules and strategies are identical to the original Baccarat. The information about baccarat strategies is available for all the players on our website, as well as some tips for bankroll management and other valuable articles.

💰 Summarizing the Baccarat VIP Version

VIP Baccarat falls under the rules of classical Baccarat, so you won’t feel uncomfortable or stressed because this version lets you experience exclusive service where you can be in charge of the game process. Besides, you may have a particular advantage over other players when you have the opportunity to see the value of the dealer card and affect the card squeeze. To feel the groundbreaking VIP experience and spend your time with joy, you are free to join a satisfying live-dealer casino game called Baccarat VIP, because it is absolutely worth trying!

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