The Best Wagering Adventure in the World: Punto Banco

Baccarat is a popular casino card game advertised in conventional and online casinos. Its set of rules is “compatible” with any player because of its simplicity. It is one of the striking reasons why it is so captivating among gamblers around the globe. Thanks to their presence in movies about James Bond’s adventures, such tables are commonly associated with glamorous and amusing entertainment. Punto Banco is a famous version of the game and can boast of its low house edge. Enthusiasts come across its tables in the most renowned gambling centers in the industry such as Las Vegas and Macau. Need to know more? In this article, we'll pay special attention to this wagering style.

Author: Austin Coleman

Published: 20 November 2023

Punto Banco Baccarat Image

About the Game

Although it isn’t the first wagering solution in the world, it has been in the market for decades already. Its tables were actively popularized in Australia, the UK, and other countries years ago. Nowadays, its new live dealer format is sought-after too. The basic rule remains unchanged — the biggest responsibility of players is to consider what side to bet on.

When it comes to the Punto Banco version, it is rather difficult to tell proven facts about its birthplace. Some specialists claim its cradle is Argentina, while others are convinced it was created in Mexico. The debut was made in Nevada, the USA, more than seventy years ago. Given this fact, it should come as no surprise that its synonymous substitute is North American Baccarat. However, it is not the most spectacular location to see this game’s tables. The latter is more widespread in Macau.


Taking into account how superstitious players in China are, placing bets based on luck and some non-strategic signs is typical. It also explains why Punto Banco is demanded there. This adventure time continues to be among the most favorite wagering activities. Whether such tables are situated on VIP gambling floors or in the online medium, they are a crucial part of contemporary casinos’ performances. Keep on reading this article to get a deeper insight into this game’s mechanics.

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How to Gamble This Baccarat Varietal for Free

The gameplay of brick-and-mortar and online Baccarat is alike — the major part of actions and duties are performed by assigned professionals in casinos. Whether it comes to dealing decks or shuffling cards, such operations are done by the personnel. Given that the playing location is significantly different, thrilling and exciting impressions that await you in Punto Banco won’t be disappointing in any case. The best of two worlds is at your disposal when you prefer live online gambling. HD streaming and other features that are executed in a real-time mode are just mind-blowing.

Visitors may customize the gameplay to cater to their preferences and budget more. It is possible thanks to numerous configurable features and various wagering restrictions to set. Remember to use the live chat function so that you can communicate with Punto Banco experts during the round and exchange your impressions with fellow participants right away. This provides the most realistic playing experience possible even though you stay at home to gamble.

A unique category of games, including RNG versions, is available for free. Thanks to minimum stake amounts and demo playing modes, interested parties can obtain a thorough understanding of the game. One of the worthy samples is provided by NetEnt:

  • This solution features a standard number of decks (namely, six) and varied bets — the initial wager of one US dollar can be increased by one hundred times. 
  • You have to pay a slight commission for winning on the Banker’s hand (1:0.95). The payouts for the other hand and a tie are 1:1 and 1:9 accordingly. 
  • The interface boasts stunning graphics and advanced functions like audio controls, in-game history, and so on. It runs excellently on multiple operating systems and gadgets. 

Popular Online Baccarat Games

Game Developer Betting Limits Features
Punto Banco iSoftBet $0.1 – 10 Low house edge, fun to play, gorgeous graphics
Baccarat Pro NetEnt $0.1 – 3,000 Basic baccarat gameplay, tie bet pays 9 to 1 
Punto Banco Red Tiger $1 – 5,000 Side bets and roadmaps available
Baccarat Gold Microgaming $5 – 9,000 Fantastic animations, 98.94 RTP, pair side bets
3D Baccarat Iron Dog Studio $1 – 500 Six decks, no timer for betting, beautiful graphics
Baccarat Bestsoft $1 – 5,000 Fast and smooth gameplay, easy to play

How to Play Punto Banco

For novice users, it is frequently difficult to understand the difference between Blackjack, Punto Banco, and Chemin de Fer. Their atmosphere and some rules are reminiscent of each other, but here are two aspects to know what solution to play:

  • Blackjack is another card game with more distinct restrictions and rights for gamers.
  • The French version allows engaged members to compete against fellow gamblers at the table. Your objective is to score as close to nine as possible.
  • Punto Banco is the most classic and basic here, letting users become financially involved in lucky adventure times against the dealer (that’s why it is confused with Blackjack). Its name is self-explanatory; you just need to get the true meaning of its compounds — “banco” goes for “bank” and “punto” means “player”.

Let's look at the mechanics of Punto Banco game below:

Outcome Banker Bet Player Bet Tie Bet
Banker Wins Pays 0.95:1 Bet lost Bet lost
Player Wins Bet lost Pays 1:1 Bet lost
Tie Bet returned Bet returned Pays 8:1

Punto Banco: Important Terms

Compared to many other games, the analyzed layout is way simpler. It is commonly referred to as the easiest gambling entertainment in the market. Engaged participants have to merely guess its outcome out of three possible endings. They can’t influence the way cards are faced up, unlike Blackjack. Even if a chosen hand doesn’t result in a winning stake, you don’t transform into casinos’ patrons — overall chances to succeed are pretty high

🎲 How to Calculate Your Scores

The way you can calculate the numbered scores is the same, regardless of what Baccarat version you participate in:

  1. If a hand has either a ten or through kings, it doesn’t change its value.
  2. One point is given if it has an ace.
  3. The most generous cards are face ones. In this case, threes will give three points and so on.
  4. The maximum number is nine. If you get more, then the first number is just “thrown away” (someone subtracts ten). For example, you get a hand of two sevens. Instead of fourteen, your hand’s value is four.

Punto Banco Table Layout and Card Drawing

Significant casino boards for playing Baccarat are designed to be spacious enough for up to fourteen participants per round. However, there is also enough space for one banker and two dealers in Punto Banco. Enthusiasts are welcome to join smaller parties occasionally. They are more widespread in games like mini varietals of the analyzed entertainment or Blackjack.

With two allocated areas for wagering, the third box is created for ties correspondingly. These boxes are called uniquely — Punto, Egalite, and Banco ones. Cards out of six decks (but there are versions with eight of them) are reshuffled after each round. The gamer who occupies the first seat at the table (or the person who is located at the right from the dealer) picks four cards once the stakes are put and then passes them into the appropriate hands. Decks are dealt with face down one by one.

Punto Banco Table Layout Image

🃏 When You Draw the Next Card

The maximum number of cards per hand is three. In turn, it won’t be extra to check under what conditions the third card is offered to players:

  • First and foremost, it depends on the total score of each hand. If a player achieves an eight or nine, they just win — there is no need for an additional card.
  • Participants stand with six/seven.
  • When you have less than five points, you need to get another card to increase your hand’s value.

When it comes to the opposite hand, the rules are predetermined by the rival’s hand as well (the previous rules are generally valid for the Banker as well):

  1. The only exception in the dealer’s dependence on the opposite hand is the case when the score is three or less — then the card is provided to the Banker literally by default.
  2. In other scenarios, it is allowed to take the third card if the ratio is matched. The casino can draw again with a hand of four and five if the opposite pack possesses from two through seven and from four through seven accordingly.
  3. With six scores both (or a gamer can have seven as well), the next move is done for the dealer if it is already performed for the opponent. If the dealer’s total value reaches seven, then they deal with two cards only. Nine or eight will make both “hands” stand.

Before successful wagers are cashed out, all lost wagers are received. The distributor distributes rewards to participants who placed an Egalité wager in the case of a tie outcome. However, this result has another peculiarity — alternative types of wagering allow participants to keep their cash here. Gamblers have the option to alter, cash out, or leave their selections to be used for the subsequent part of the game.

The payout ratio depends on the selected hand. The most luxurious outcome is promised for tie bets (but the probability isn’t as high as in alternative outcomes). In the majority of cases, five percent out of the wagering investment, predicting the Banker’s victory, is withdrawn.

💰 Punto Banco Payouts and Odds

Since there are three types of bets, it is only logical that there is an equivalent number of payout options. As it has been already mentioned, there is a five-percent commission for all the wagers on the casino’s hand. If you prefer a gamer’s hand, then the proportion will be one to one. In the last but not least important scenario, the payout is eight times higher.

Naturally, the possibility of each hand doesn’t have the same chance to occur. The least favorable result is a tie. The house edge brings more favorable conditions to some parties, but the difference isn’t crucially significant — 1.36% to 1.17% for players and alternative bets in turn.

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Punto Banco and the Martingale Strategy

This game is based on luck and randomness, but there are some strategies that can improve your gaming even in such complicated scenarios. A one-three-two-four or one-three-two-six series of stakes are most preferable among gamblers. This concept is based on increasing the betting amount after every wrong move — the best Martingale tradition.

The core reason is to increase the efficiency of people’s betting and make up for lost rounds in the long run. It is a good tactic from a theoretical point of view. From a practical standpoint, it is a risky adventure — not only can you exhaust your bankroll, but also casinos don’t favor this technique to make it really functional.

Martingale Strategy for Baccarat

Bet Wager Outcome
1 $5 Loss
2 $10 Loss
3 $20 Loss
4 $40 Loss
5 $80 Loss
6 $160 Win

Online Punto Banco

The number of Baccarat tables is constantly increasing, and the same relates to Punto Banco activities. However, given how many different types of this game are present in the market, you need to be attentive when seeking the right gambling station online. Its live variations are typically more modified, although the basic regulations are nearly identical.

Players don’t deal with the cards in person, but that doesn’t make this format of wagering less appreciated among divergent audiences. It is a hassle-free method to check your luck and gain some exclusive monetary profits. The range of betting limits varies significantly. So there are numerous opportunities for high rollers to have fun at Punto Banco’s tables.


Since the fifties of the twentieth century, when the successful outbreak of Punto Banco took place, this game has never left the global hall of fame. More and more gamblers are interested in its tables and an incredible chance to have fun and get glorious rewards. It is a welcome guest in both online and land-based establishments.

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